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Prices and Taxes

All Price are quoted in Brunei Dollar (BND), plus tax. The prices as advertised on
The Capital Residence Suites or any other website or promotional material are subject to change at any time and
may increase or decrease at the hotel’s discretion. Rates are based on Superior room (1-2 occupancy), Deluxe
(1-2 occupancy), Premier room (1-2) occupancy, 1 Bedroom Apartment (1-2 occupancy) and 2 Bedroom
Apartment (1- 4 occupancy) and are subject to availability.


All reservations and registrations can only be guaranteed with a valid major credit card. American Express, Visa, Master Card and Union Pay are accepted. Pursuant to credit card agreements, credit cards are not valid unless signed by the cardholder.  

Checks and Check Cashing 

We do not accept checks. We do not provide check cashing services.


Debit Card / Credit Card Holders 

Your credit or debit card is not valid unless signed and we have the right to refuse any cards without a signature. To confirm your booking

The Capital Residence Suites will pre-authorize the full amount of your stay. The pre-authorization will HOLD the funds until check-out, at which time the amount incurred during your stay will be charged. If the method of payment is changed at check-out or change the length of your stay, your bank may not update the changes immediately. The Capital Residence Suites has no control over the policies of your bank and will not be held liable for any “insufficient funds” penalties or any other resulting fees or charges. It is the sole responsibility of the card holder to fully understand the manner in which the bank processes pre-authorizations and charges to their debit or credit card. 

Deposit and Guarantee*

There is no deposit required to make an individual room reservation. However, a major credit or debit card is required at the time of booking to guarantee the room and secure the reservation .


Parking spaces are available for our guest for free. Non-guests must pay a fee of $2 to park at the property.

Dispute Resolution/Problems

For any payment related dispute you may contact us at to dispute any charges that was made on your card.

Use of Personal Information

For more information on the use of personal information, please refer to our privacy policy.



The Capital Residence Suites will not be held liable for any injuries sustained within our property. The Capital Residence Suites will also not be held
liable for any loss or damage to the guest's properties or belongings during their stay.

* may be subject to change without prior notice

By making a reservation through this website or from any other mode of communication, you agree and consent to these terms and conditions listed above. If you do no agree with any of the terms and conditions, please contact us at

Terms and Conditions

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